Do you want to know about the best exercises for bigger breasts? Some people worry that if they exercise they’ll lose weight around their bust. If you do certain exercises that could happen! There are exercises you can do that will enhance your bust size. So make sure you continue reading so you’re not wasting your time doing the wrong things. Most women think that exercise can only help to lose weight, stay fit, improve general health and so on.

They don’t know that there are some exercises, which can actually enhance the breast size.

Eager to find out more about the exercises for bigger breasts?

Read further to check the top 5 exercises that can offer great results for improving the size and firmness of your breasts

Top 5 Exercises For Bigger Breasts

1. Push Ups

Push-ups are one of the most effective exercises for bigger breasts.

Push-ups help to improve the size of the breasts just the way they build the abs and chest muscles.

To practice, place your palms on the floor keeping both the feet and arms about shoulder-width apart.

Bend your elbows slowly to lower yourself down and then return to the original position by pushing yourself up. Initially, you may find it difficult to perform push-ups.

You may kneel slightly while doing the pushups if you are not able to hold the weight of your body on the palms alone.

Repeat 10 times. Practice once every day. Over a period of time, you will master it. Once you feel you are able to perform push-ups with ease, you can graduate yourself to the advanced version of the exercises for bigger breasts.

A slight variation of the traditional push-ups involves touching the right shoulder with the left hand and vice versa when you lift yourself up.

This can enhance the results for breast size as you’re doing extra muscle work around the chest region. 

Bonus… holding your body in a push up position will also help tighten your core muscles, and with a flatter tummy it will help to make your breasts appear more prominent. 

2. Plank Walk

Plank walk tones up your abs and makes your breasts firmer while improving the size of breasts.

To practice, lie down facing the floor with your palms touching the floor, and the wrists underneath the shoulders.

Your body should be in a straight line between your head and the heels and your feet about shoulder-width apart. Now, lift yourself up with your palms pressed against the floor.

Then, lift the left foot and right hand. Place them about a foot towards your right.

Then, lift the left hand and right foot and step both about a foot toward the right. Repeat 10 times.

Practice once every day.

This is an effective breast enlargement exercise that will tighten the muscles in the chest and abdomen and improve the breast size. 

3. Chair Dips

This is an easy-to-perform bust enlargement exercise.

To practice, sit on a chair while keeping the palms along the edge of the seat. Your fingers should be pointing toward the feet.

Then, lift yourself by shifting your weight on to the hands.

Step your feet in the front so that your butt moves ahead of the front edge of the seat. Then, bend the elbows to form a 90-degree angle.

Lower your butt slightly toward the floor to bring the shoulders in line with the elbows.

Press against the palms to push yourself up and back to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.

Practice once every day.

This exercise will work out and build the muscles in the chest region and provide more firmness to the breasts making them appear fuller and bigger. 

4. Wall Push Ups

Wall Push Ups offer an easier and the most effective exercises for bigger breasts. It works similar to the traditional push-ups with the only difference that you need to practice it against a wall and not against the floor.

To practice, stand facing a wall with your legs about a foot away from the wall.

Place the palms on the wall firmly and then, bend your arms, just like while doing push-ups.

Repeat 15 to 20 times.

5. Bell Fly

If you are a regular at the gym, you can perform exercises for bigger breasts using dumbbells. To practice, lie face-up on the bench with your feet touching the floor.

Then, hold a pair of dumbbells and raise your hands above your shoulders. You may bend your elbows slightly.

Then, lower the weights until the elbows lie parallel to the chest. Press the weights back up. Perform 10 reps.

Bell Fly offers the best exercises for bigger breast by building the muscles lying underneath the breast tissues and enhances the appearance of breasts.

These exercises will help to develop the size of your breasts and enhance your overall appearance.

It is advisable to start practicing slowly without exerting excessive strain in the initial period.

You can slowly increase the number of repetitions of the exercises for bigger breasts to avoid any discomfort and enjoy great results.  

Keep up your exercise program

Of course you know that these exercises aren’t going to give you an immediate result. And it’s going to take regular effort to get there.

We recommend doing all 5 of these best exercises for bigger breasts regularly for a month.

If your fitness isn’t that great, you’ll need to start out doing every second or third day, as you might have muscle soreness the day after the the exercises.

When you exercise it is also important to have a day of rest to  let your muscles recover and grow.

If you don’t have the energy for all this exercise, look around our site for some other solutions for bigger breasts.