How to Get Bigger Breasts with Glandular Therapy

Oct 13

One of the most interesting aspects of modern natural breast enhancement is that so many of these “alternative” methods to growing bigger breasts actually have their roots in conventional medicine.

Glandular therapy for breast enhancement is one example.

Glandular therapy first gained recognition by physicians in the 19th century when they discovered that dried porcine (pig) thyroid gland could treat underactive thyroid conditions in humans and that similarly, dried animal-based adrenal glands could treat Addison’s disease (a condition characterized by chronic adrenal insufficiency).

So what does this have to do with natural breast enhancement, you ask?

Using Glandular Therapy for Bigger Breasts

You see, the logic behind glandular therapy is simple: “Like cures like.” It rests on the idea that the gland of a mammal reasonably close to human beings has all the micronutrients needed to boost the function of that gland in people and the hormones that an animal’s gland produced will function similarly to those produced by a person.

This is exactly how glandular therapy for breast enhancement works. In glandular therapy for breast enhancement, the glandular that is consumed is bovine ovary (yes, the ovaries of a cow) and that is what stimulates you pituitary gland (your body’s major hormone regulator) to reactivate your body’s natural growth hormones and increase your breast size.

bountiful breasts for breast enhancement

It is currently the only internal method of breast enhancement that does not use phytoestrogenic herbs or plants. Instead, glandular therapy rejuvenates your body’s own hormonal mechanisms, inducing them to produce your own natural hormones needed for breast enhancement.

Who Can Use Glandular Therapy for Breast Enhancement?

Bovine ovary is effective, but taking it without the body temperature required to make it work is just a waste of time and money so make sure you’re doing everything you can to make sure it’ll work for you before you invest any of your effort.

Read on to find out how to increase your body temperature and maximize your growth on bovine ovary…

How to Use Glandular Therapy for Bigger Breasts

Of course, you can just get some bovine ovary pills and pop them daily – but if you follow the below steps, you’ll be taking your pills and getting maximum impact. Here’s how!

Step 1. Body Temperature Sets the Stage for Growth

This step may not apply to everyone – i.e. those with normal body temperature – but if you do fall into the low body temp category, this is a super-duper important step for you. Without the required body temperature, bovine ovary cannot do its job.

Maybe you’ll see a smidgen of breast growth, but you will be selling yourself short by not doing your part to increase your body temperature and set the optimal stage for breast growth.

Before even attempting glandular therapy for breast enhancement, I recommend getting the most accurate thermometer you can find to chart your body temperature with.

If your body temperature is consistently below 98.2, take measures to increase your body temp before starting on bovine ovary.

To do this, the very first thing you should do is to determine what the cause of your low body temperature might be – it can be due to low thyroid function or adrenal fatigue. Look over this helpful chart of signs and symptoms to determine whether your low body temperature is caused by adrenal fatigue or low thyroid function.

Once you know the cause for your low body temp, you can start addressing the problem by…

  • Taking an Iodine supplement for Low Thyroid Function. Iodine is an essential nutrient and the major component of thyroid hormone T4 and T3. It’s also critical for your liver, pituitary gland, and muscles where specific thyroid hormone receptors regulate gene expression. One of the easiest ways you can raise your body temperature and improve your thyroid function is by adding an iodine supplement into your diet. Liquid iodine is a simple way to do this – add just a drop into your water, juice, tea, or in any beverage of your choice. Kelp is also a natural source of iodine and you can take kelp capsules on a daily basis as well.
  • Taking Adrenal Glandulars and Vitamin C for Adrenal Fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is pretty common. In fact, Dr. Oz reports that around two-thirds of his severe chronic fatigue patients have underactive or marginally functioning adrenal glands. If this is the cause for your low body temperature, address the problem at its core by supplementing with adrenal glandulars so that your body can get the raw materials it needs for your adrenal glands to heal. I recommend Emerald Laboratories Adrenal Health. Whichever adrenal glandulars you choose to go with – don’t forget to add Vitamin C – it is critical for adrenal function.

Body temperature can also be greatly helped by one very simple culinary change – adding a bit of cayenne pepper to your foods and incorporating hot peppers into your diet improves circulation and goes a long way toward improving body temperature and breast growth.

Step 2. Choose the Best Bovine Ovary Supplements

One of the most important components of natural breast enhancement is choosing the right ingredients. And in the case of bovine ovary supplements – the right ingredients are sourced from trustworthy cattle.

Unlike herbs or other plant-based natural breast enhancement pills, bovine ovary is from an animal product and because of that, I believe you should make sure you’re taking the highest quality products.

The only brand of bovine ovary supplement I currently recommend is Swanson’s. Swanson’s is a long-standing, reputable vitamin company that produces high quality and safe bovine ovary pills (that are from Argentininan glandulars, same as BB, and tested and prepared in the USA) for around a fraction of the price. One bottle is only $9.00 so feel try to try it out.

If you decide to go with another brand for whatever reason – make sure you contact the companies selling the products to confirm where their glandulars are coming from. Don’t put anything in your body until you’re sure the ingredients are trustworthy.

Step 3. Protein, Protein, Protein

Proteins are the building blocks of hormone and necessary for growth with bovine ovary. Unless you’re already getting a lot of protein in your diet – a protein shake is a must for natural breast enhancement. Proteins are used by your body to make hormones and enzymes and its important that your body gets plenty of protein to optimize your breast growth.

My favorite protein is NOW Food’s whey protein – it blends perfectly with fruit smoothies and is virtually tasteless once blended. Plus, a jar of it will last you forever.

Note: Whey protein can cause acne breakouts in some people. If you’re one of those people, I strongly recommend hemp protein – the Nutiva brand is the best I’ve tried so far.

Following the above three steps is the best way to see maximum results with bovine ovary supplements alone, but I see no reason to stick to only one breast enhancement method alone.

Bovine ovary supplements can be safely combined with an external breast enhancement method such as massage and/or Noogleberry, both of which will stimulate breast growth externally while bovine ovary does its work internally. A fantastic way to holistically target breast growth.

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eureka December 17, 2013

Very helpful articles. millions of thanks to you for trying to help others. God bless.

Robert (Hannah) Windsor July 23, 2014

Being transgender male to female I already have a B cup I’m hoping this brings me to a full C cup. Thank you so much I’m hoping and praying this works. Sincerely Hannah

    Deana November 11, 2016

    I hope you get your size C cup breast Hannah I would like to no if it works for you ?
    I,m trying the same thing! I have been on the Bovine now for two weeks the first week I was taking one capsaul now on the second week taking two a day I hope that is good I’m seeing that my nipples are sore areolas that is and I’m a full B cap myself love the way they look now too and Thank You for sharing your story.

Rodney(Shannon) May 16, 2015

I have been taking Swanson’s Raw ovarian glandular now as well as swanson’s saw palmetto tablets and liquid for two months my breasts have increased by an inch:My question is that they look like little man boobs: How long before they look like feminine breasts?I am 63 and trying to transition finally as a woman.

zena December 13, 2016

My name is zena I’m cd just starting come out of closet I to want grow my breast bigger than they are now their double a cup size thanks to trying and drinking soymilk for half yr now just not sure which breast enhancer try one say’s doe’s better than other plus having drink protein shakes with it not sure can afford both at sametime

    bruce April 17, 2017

    zena hey your trying to hard Im a 46 c I started with nothing do you want to know more

      donna January 4, 2018

      I do,please tell me how ,and what all you did..

Phoebe September 19, 2017

Rodney???? would love an update??


jesica October 28, 2017

useing raw ovary granuals for 8 weeks now
slow but steady growth
very noticeable with snug fitting tops
love it

Hugh J McElroy June 8, 2018

My wife who is already “big breasted” (40dd)is beginning to “spill out” the tops and sides of her bra. I told her the other day as she was getting dressed for work that she was developing a shapelier butt as well. She has been taking ovarian glandular pills for 4 months. Note: my wife is 62!

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