We’ve written before about the benefits of massage for breast enlargement and enhancement. Last month we reviewed various massage oils to use for breast massage.

This month, we’re taking a look at the best essential oils for breast massage.

Essential oils aren’t just for for their fragrance. Many of them have healing properties that effect your body and emotions in various ways. How can you incorporate these into your breast massage routine for greater affects?

The best thing about essential oils for breast massage is that if you massage with these oils on a regular basis, you can notice an improvement in their size and even their firmness. So lets take a look at the different essential oils and how they can help you.

Make your own Essential Oil Blend for Breast Massage

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The Top 4 Pre-Packaged Blends of Essential Oils For Breast Massage

  • When I think of the essential oils for breast massage, one oil that comes first to my mind is the Papaya Breast Enhancement Essential Oil. And the reason is simple. It is a highly effective massage oil that can provide great results for firming-up the breasts.
  • I really liked the natural aroma of this oil which is highly soothing and refreshing. This papaya oil lifted my mood (and breasts also) and helped me feel better almost instantly.
  • Another benefit of this oil is it lifts and tightens sagging breasts.
  • The natural formula of this essential oil for breast massage enhances the elasticity of the breasts and the water absorption by the muscles. As a result, the breasts become firmer and fuller and appear supple or well-moisturized.

  • It is also one of the most cost-effective essential oils for breast massage making it a great option to try.

Things I liked

  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Makes breasts firmer and bigger in a shorter duration.
  • Has a fresh and soothing aroma.
  • Lifts sagging breasts.

Things I didn’t like

  • The safety of this product for pregnant and breastfeeding women is not fully known.

Customer reviews

Women who have used it have loved this oil. They have appreciated its breast-enhancing effect and also confessed how they felt much better, thanks to the refreshing fragrance.

  • If your age has started showing its effect on your breasts, it’s time you start using PLUMPING Bust PlumpEssential Oils. I found out this was one of the best essential oils for breast massage to make them firmer.
  • What I particularly appreciate about this oil is it is specially formulated for breast enhancement.
  • A regular massage of your breasts with this oil would also tighten the skin over them, eradicate ugly black lines and also minimizes the redness caused by cellulite. The combined results would help you look more attractive.
  • The bottle is only a couple of dollars so it’s really affordable

Things I liked

  • Uplifts breasts.
  • Improves the breast size and firmness.
  • Improves blood circulation in the muscles and breast tissues.
  • Reduces appearance of cellulite.

Things I didn’t like

  • May not be suitable for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Customer reviews

Most women have praised the up-lifting effect achieved by using this oil. They have expressed satisfaction with the improvement in the size of breasts acheived.

  • If you want your breasts to appear fuller and healthier, you can try B JUICED : Boobie Juiced Breast Enhancement Oil


  • What makes this oil the best essential oil for breast massage and improving the size of your breasts is the presence of natural ingredients like Frankincense, lavender, geranium, marjoram, rose and nerolina, all infused in clear jojoba oil.

  • This breast firming oil also contains lemon and orange that offer a fresh fragrance. The presence of a compound called D-limonene in these citrus fruits would also enhance your immune wellness and stimulate the natural detoxification processes of the body. This can help to boost your general immune wellness at the same time.

  • If you apply this twice a day, the one ounce bottle should last you 3-6 months.

Things I liked

  • Eliminates toxins for improved immune wellness.
  • Natural ingredients.
  • Promotes the breast size naturally.

Things I didn’t like

  • As with other essential oils, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid their use.

Customer reviews

The reviews of this oil have been positive. Most users have mentioned they could achieve the desired results with this oil.

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These are some of the best essential oils for breast massage. They’re all so affordable… no more than a few dollars each. You could grab a selection of them and see which fragrance you prefer yourself. I, personally, liked the AMA(TM) Herbal Breast Enlargement Massage Essential Oil.